Botox, Dermal Fillers or Mesotherapy anti-aging trends

Darya is the owner and founder of DH Estetika and DH Hair Boutique. She is a certified cosmetic Injector (Botox® and facial fillers), a registered nurse of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and a licensed hair stylist. Darya has over 15 years of experience in the nursing field. She has been injecting beauty for over 10 years! Rest assured she knows how to make a lady or a gentleman look younger, feel better and stay beautified forever!




DH Estetika is a skin care salon in Boston that specializes in Botox injections, dermal/face fillers, hair and skin mesotherapy and biorevitalization. Come visit our salon and book consultation – we will make you look younger and happier!

The most important subject of anti-aging treatment was always to find the real cause of aging and understand what makes our skin age from a biological point of view. As we know over the years skin cells regeneration slows down  and for that reason we get less collagen and hyaluronic acid. When it happens it becomes more difficult for the skin to fight with surrounding environment and solar activity to stay fresh and smooth.

 Is it possible to prevent aging ?

To stop skin aging we can trigger our own skin rejuvenation program with the help of external signal which could be a mesotherapy, botox or fillers injection. There are also special creams that contain hyaluronic acid and can penetrate deep into the skin to imitate injections, however they cannot replace injections and can be better used as an after-care treatment.

Mesotherapy is the golden standard in beauty industry since it has practically no side effect unlike plastic surgery. And injections are an excellent alternative to plastic surgery to help women look younger without invasive procedures and longer recovery time.

What are the most popular injections ?

Injections of Botox and various dermal fillers, and also special Kybella treatment to remove double chin fat cells permanently.  Botox plays a significant role in modern cosmetology.

What is a good age to start injections?

It depends on reflection in the mirror not your real age. If wrinkles  appear on your face only in active mimic phase, you don’t need mesotherapy. If you are not smiling and not frowning , but you can still see the folds around your mouth or on the forehead, it’s time to try injections.

Hyaluronic acid is the most used ingredient of the modern cosmetology. It is base component of the popular cosmetic procedures in aesthetic medicine such as mesotherapy, biorevitalization, facial fillers. Dermal fillers that are based on modified hyaluronic acid allow painlessly remove wrinkles and folds, and also correct the shape and volume of your lips, nose and chin.

Juvederm and Restylane are the most recommended dermal fillers that stay in your body for 0,5- 1,5 year .  The lips need to be injected every 6 months or less – and what is good about hyaluronic acid that the same area can be injected multiple times.

The procedure itself takes about 0,5 hour. The final result will appear in 2 weeks  after injection.

Injections are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or if you are taking blood thinners  or already had injections before based on silicon or acryl.

What about Botox ?

The main purpose of Botox is to reduce mimic wrinkles , in other words to block mimic activity between eyebrows, on the forehead and around eyes (crow’s feet). Besides that, Botox can help correct the asymmetry of eyebrows and around your mouth, and correct wrinkles on the neck.
Also Botox can even treat excessive underarm sweating

Lips augmentation or light enhancement can be done by fillers based on hyaluronic acid which is very safe since the gel will dissolve fully in 12 months.   Before doing this procedure the cosmetic injector will estimate the anatomy of your face to coordinate possible results taking into account your own requirements.  Your lips will look natural just lightly enhanced.

How to shape cheekbones with dermal fillers ? 

The correction of cheekbone area can help eliminate the aging changes and fulfill missing volume and can serve as face rejuvenation procedure that will allow you to look 5-10 years younger.   As we know the soft face tissues gradually lose their elasticity or turgor and skin is losing volume as well.  The best way to correct cheekbone area in this case is to use higher density dermal fillers, with the long-lasting visual effect. And the result can be seen right after the procedure.

Facial fillers also help shape your face to look more natural, you can increase the volume of your chin to change the oval of your face, it helps visually stretch the round face and create more natural proportions.

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