Hair Extensions

Why Do You Need a Hair Extensions Consultation First?

hair extensions
DH Estetica Beauty Salon in South End Boston is happy to offer a full range of hair extension services.

You will have extensions from 2 to 6 months, and the service is not cheap. The right assessment is the key!!!!
Please consult a stylist to pick the brand, texture, length, and color that meets your needs.

  1. You might need to color your hair first to match it to the hair extension color. There are usually around 50-60 colors in each brand’s palette, which seems to be more than enough… However, a slight color correction, the so-called color matching, might be needed.
  2. The stylist needs to see and feel your hair to pick the right texture and the amount of hair extension pieces. The time of service varies greatly depending on how many pieces need to be put in. Of course, the time of service depends on the type of extensions you want.


vida hair extensions

VIDAHAIR’s Research and Development team created the first and only cold application method that allows the application of hair extensions directly in the customer’s hair without any superimposition, thus finding a perfect synergy.
TRIMMER TECHNOLOGY is a high-precision tool for perfect, transparent, fragile applications.

  • The most invisible and insensible hair

  • 100% human remy hair.

  • No styling limitations

  • It is possible to apply 1 to 1000 hairs at a time.

Keratin fusion (hot fusion) bonds

  • individual strands (SO CAP. Italy)
  • 100% Human Hair.
    It was developed and manufactured in Italy for over 40 years by a team of specialized chemists, engineers, trichologists, and hair specialists.

  • Strand-by-strand application (each strand weighs approx. 0.8gr) allows for a delicate invisible effect.

  • It may be reused.

  • Some in-between application maintenance is required.

  • No styling limitations

4 Steps to Get Keratin Fusion

  1. keratin fusion hair extensionsCome for a complimentary consultation.
  2. Correct/fix/adjust your hair color if you wish to do so. This has to be done before color matching.
  3. A stylist will do the color matching using the extension color ring
  4. On the day of the hair extensions placement, a stylist will:
    • wash your hair with a special shampoo, perform a blow-dry
    • place hair extensions piece by piece in a manner that will allow you to be as versatile as possible in terms of wearing it up or down, braiding, curling, straightening, etc.
  • a stylist will also trim the hair after the extensions are placed in.

NANOLinks individual strands

  • 100% human remy hair.

  • We are proudly made in the USA by DH Estetica. Each strand approx. 0.8gr.

  • They are applied using tiny silicone nano links.

  • Easily reusable, usually up to 3-4 times.

  • No in-between application maintenance is required.

  • No styling limitations

​What is the Best Way to use Nanolinks?

color hair extensionsFancy silver balayage?.. Neon pink highlights?.. Purple ombré? Have you not thought of getting one of these done someday?
All of the above are cool to do IF you plan to STICK WITH IT. However, as a person who has done it all, I can assure you that fashion hair colors require tons of upkeep and become annoying after a while.

BELOW is a simple and inexpensive way to freshen up the look for a party or just because.

Individual hair extensions: keratin bonds or nanolinks.

Example: 10 strand placement will cost you approx. $95. Not bad, right?

individual hair extensions

Tape in Hair Extensions

  • 100% human remy hair.

  • Reusable up to 3-4 times.

  • Some in-between application maintenance is required.

  • Quick applications.

  • Some styling limitations


Clip-in hair extensions are perfect for special events and weddings!

clip-in-hair-extensionsClip-in extensions are an excellent way to enhance your look for the wedding day! Depending on whether you want to do a full all-hair-up wedding updo or half up/half down, they can be attached downward or upward.

Extensions are not created equal. Please make sure you get human hair so your stylist can get as creative as he/she can get! curl, straighten, crimp…

What are Capsule Hair Extensions?

Any woman dreams of having thick and magnificent hair. But what do you do if your hair looks thin and fragile? Modern hair extension methods will help change your image. With capsule hair extensions, you can get beautiful, dense, long curls in several hours. The unique way that makes cardinal transformation already gained global recognition in recent years and today is one of the most demanded technologies for hair extensions. Let’s find out the advantages of this method, how to apply hair extensions, and how to take care of your hair.

  • Capsule hair extension: the process
  • Types of capsule hair extensions
  • Aftercare for hair extensions
  • What is the difference between capsule and tape-in hair extensions?

capsule ring hair extensions

Capsular hair extensions: the process

The application process of hair extension should be done in a hair salon and results in providing additional longer curls and strands and/or more volume to your natural hair. The capsular technology of hair extension can be hot or cold, you and your hair extensions specialist will determine what option will be best suitable for your hair.

What kind of procedure is it? The hair stylist will attach and fix extensions with keratin capsules, which are melted by special hot pliers heated to a necessary temperature. When cooled, the pills become transparent on your hair, so this method applies to any hair color. Tablets can be of any form (flat, round); everything depends on the type of hair extensions.
Capsules are attached at a distance of 0.2-0.4 inches from your scalp. The procedure may last from 2 to 4 hours, during this time the master can attach 100 – 200 strands.
This provides long durability, easy-to-use technology, and safety during the
application or removal. Keratin capsules are transparent and blend in perfectly with your natural hair. They provide strong and reliable attachment and do not require special expensive hair care. Hair extensions look live, soft and silky, you can easily comb your hair and wash with shampoo the same way as your natural hair, you can cut or color hair extensions as well (varies in different brands).
The number of added hair extensions in many ways depends on the desired result and effect. Everything depends on the initial length and density of your natural hair. The unique technology allows you to experiment so that you can use hair extensions of different shades and gain a stunning effect of highlights, or in one evening, you can change your look totally from a short haircut to long, brilliant curls down to the waist. Hair extensions would need correction every 2-4 months – while your hair grows, the capsules with wings go down. During the adjustment procedure, the stylist will transfer the pills closer to your roots again.

Hot and Cold Procedures for Capsular Hair Extensions

Italian hot application is the most preferable option for this procedure. It can be done even on short hair (5 inches long minimum required). The master selects the color and texture of hair extensions to match the original hair color. The strand with the keratin capsule on the end will be attached to the natural strand and clamped by the hot pliers. Under high temperatures, the tablet melts and becomes flat and invisible. Thus, in 2-3 hours of laborious work, the expert can add the required number of hair extensions. Usually 70 strands is enough to add volume, for the length and volume hair extensions 150 to 200 strands will do the work.
This Italian technology provides reliable fixation, making it possible to color and style them any way you want, visit a swimming pool or a sauna without being afraid that strands will fall out. At the same time, you shouldn’t use cosmetics hair care products that contain silicone, acids, or oils, as they can destroy the capsules, causing hair extensions to fall.
Microcapsules or micro ring application is ideal for coarser thicker hair as the
capsules are as adjustable in size as they are in keratin bonds.

How to take care of permanent hair extensions

Your hair needs special care after applying hair extensions. Treat your hair
carefully and follow these recommendations:

  • Before washing your hair, accurately untangle or comb it with a unique hair extension brush
  • Do not use regular hairbrushes or brushes with the rounded prongs, they can damage capsules. Get a particular hairbrush to take care of your hair.
  • To wash your head, use shampoos that contain no silicone or oily components
  • Do not use hair masks or balms that contain oils (natural or synthetic) ON THE ROOTS; they can dissolve keratin capsules and provoke the rejection of hair extension strands.
  • Wash your head vertically under a shower without inclining forward.
    Do not go to bed when your hair is wet, otherwise hair will get tangled and it will be impossible to comb them in the morning.
  • Do not comb wet hair; wait until it is half dry naturally.
  • Do not touch your roots when applying cosmetic or styling balms or gels to
    prevent damage to the capsules.
  • During hot styling or ironing, keep the blow dryer 4 inches from your head; otherwise, the capsules will melt under high temperatures.

Correction and removal of hair extensions

Every 3 months, you should make corrections since your natural hair grows longer.
The capsules provide a very strong connection; therefore, attached hair strands hold for a long time. Gradually, the zone of contact goes down, and pills become noticeable. During adjustment, the hair stylist will dissolve tablets with unique compounds and disconnect the extensions without damaging your hair. The stylist will carefully comb your hair with a delicate toothbrush to remove keratin leftovers. Then, hair extensions will be attached with new capsules closer to your roots. Such correction can be done up to 3 times a year.

What hair extensions are better: capsular or tape-in?

The core of capsular hair extensions is that hair strands are attached to natural hair with capsules to provide reliable fixation, durability, and a blended look. Such extensions don’t require frequent corrections and only a few minimal restrictions for hair aftercare. You can visit a sauna, a bath, a sunbed, wash, and color extended strands.*
Tape-in hair extensions are suitable for any hair length and density. The
procedure takes less time than the capsular one; it can take around an hour. Fixation of strands is made without the application of high temperature.
You would need corrections every salon for two months. Besides, tape in hair extensions has a set of restrictions. You shouldn’t style your hair with a hot blow dryer, visit the sauna, or use certain hair sprays.

How much do hair extensions cost in Boston?

The average price of capsule hair extensions depends on individual strands, the total number used for one client, and the labor. For a full head, the average cost of hair extension applications in Boston can be around $1100 (only 100% human Remy hair).