Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment and how to prepare for a Salon Visit


*Keratin will eliminate the need for blowdry

*Keratin will moisturize my hair

*Keratin is a straightening treatment


*Moisture is NOT equal to Strength. Moreover its very likely that after the keratin treatment your hair will become dryer (stronger BUT dryer). Hair consists of keratin and water. The more keratin we introduce to your hair the less moisture is left. Deep conditioning masks are recommended twice a week after the keratin treatment. Moreover during one week BEFORE a keratin salon visit please replenish moisture by doing deep conditioning masks.

*Keratin is not a magic wand! It DOES cut down the blowdry time by 50-70% but it DOES NOT eliminate the need for a blowdry if you are say going out and need a smooth shiny celebrity look.

Keratin IS NOT a straightener. It is rather a smoothing treatment. A lot of people confuse keratins with Japanese straightening for example. Or if you had previously done keratin abroad the result from the traditional US FDA approved keratin treatment may be different from what you are used to.

* Please talk to your stylist as if he/she was your doctor:) seriously… It is very important for us to know what your expectations are and what product you previously used.

Keratin Hair Treatment. Am I a good candidate?

hair keratin treatmentWhat is keratin hair treatment? Keratin hair treatment is a demi permanent smoothing hair treatment. Usually lasts 3-6 months depending on the frequency of hair washing, and on your personal metabolism.

Benefits: lessens the frizz, cuts down the blow dry time by 50-70%, smooths out the hair (please note keratin will not straighten your hair), makes hair easier to brush.

Maybe nots: *Your hair is very damaged form harsh/frequent hair dye applications (mainly from bleach). The thing is in bleached out hair the cuticles are so open and damaged that it makes it hard for keratin hair treatment to stick and stay in place. Moreover the keratin hair treatment procedure is harsh on its own because it involves the use of very hot tools. So if your hair is super bleached blond it might not be the best choice for you.You are always welcome to come for a complimentary consultation to make the final decision. *You are pregnant/nursing/undergoing hormone/chemo therapy. *You had hair straightening (not the same as keratin treatment) done less than 12 months ago.

There are hundreds of different keratin hair treatment brands around the world. Please keep in mind some of them are very different in terms of strength and application process. If you use both color and keratin in your hair try to perform these procedures at the same salon/stylist. Continuity of care is the best if you want to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Boosted Keratin hair treatment

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

boosted keratin hair treatmentDo you have very stiff curly hair that is not quite well treated with a traditional Keratin treatment? Or have you heard of hair relaxer but you don’t want to permanently straighten your hair?

Keratin Boosted formula might be a solution for you. It is an “in between” formula: not as strong as the relaxer, however stronger than keratin!

Depending on a brand you might have to wait 3 days before you wash your hair after the treatment.

It does contain more Formaldehyde: 3% instead of 1% in the traditional Keratin.

Application process is the same as some regular Keratins.


Keratin hair treatment aftercare TIPS

keratin hair care= Use SODIUM CHLORIDE FREE shampoo. Sodium Chloride is not the same as Sodium Sulfate.

Sulfates are added to make shampoos bubble.

Sodium Chloride is  a thickening agent. It is slightly corrosive and makes keratin wash out quicker.

=Tips for SWIMMERS: as we already stated above salts are corrosive and not good for the Keratins. Before you go swim in either ocean or a swimming pool do the following:

1) apply generous amount of any conditioner onto your hair. Swim

2) After you are done with salt water rinse your hair with fresh water