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Darya is the owner and founder of DH Estetika and DH Hair Boutique. She is a certified cosmetic Injector (Botox® and facial fillers), a registered nurse of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and a licensed hair stylist. Darya has over 15 years of experience in the nursing field. She has been injecting beauty for over 10 years! Rest assured she knows how to make a lady or a gentleman look younger, feel better and stay beautified forever!



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100% Remy Slavic Virgin Wig

Slavic virgin hair wigs are wigs made from human hair sourced from individuals of Slavic descent, typically from countries in Eastern Europe, such as Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. The term “virgin hair” refers to hair that has never been chemically processed, dyed, or treated in any way. This type of hair is highly prized for its quality and natural appearance.

Here are some key points to understand about Slavic virgin hair wigs:

  1. High Quality: Slavic hair is known for its fine texture, natural luster, and softness. It is often considered one of the highest quality hair types for wig making.
  2. Virgin Hair: The term “virgin” indicates that the hair is in its natural state and has not undergone any chemical processes, which can damage the hair cuticles.
  3. Ethical Sourcing: To maintain the quality and ethical standards of virgin hair wigs, reputable wig manufacturers source hair from willing donors who have not been coerced or exploited.
  4. Customization: Slavic virgin hair wigs can be custom-made to match the desired style, size and length. This allows for a natural and personalized look. Should you decide to change the color of the wig hair it can also be customized to your personal preference.
  5. Maintenance: While these wigs are made from high-quality hair, they still require proper care and maintenance, including regular washing, conditioning, and styling.
  6. Cost: Slavic virgin hair wigs are typically more expensive than wigs made from other types of hair or synthetic materials due to their quality and the sourcing process.

It’s important to do your research and buy from reputable wig manufacturers or suppliers if you are interested in purchasing a Slavic virgin hair wig to ensure you are getting a high-quality product. Additionally, consider consulting with a wig specialist or stylist for guidance on choosing the right wig for your needs and proper care instructions.

All DH Hair Boutique wigs are sourced and made in Europe.


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