Hair Extensions After Chemotherapy

Darya is the owner and founder of DH Estetika and DH Hair Boutique. She is a certified cosmetic Injector (Botox® and facial fillers), a registered nurse of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and a licensed hair stylist. Darya has over 15 years of experience in the nursing field. She has been injecting beauty for over 10 years! Rest assured she knows how to make a lady or a gentleman look younger, feel better and stay beautified forever!




Today, DH Estetika will discuss one vital subject: how hair extensions can help women after cancer treatment and chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, chemotherapy may result in several negative health consequences, alopecia in particular.

The texture or growth pattern usually changes when one’s body starts to recover and hair grows again. These factors must be considered when choosing a hair restoration treatment.

Is it recommended to use Hair Extensions after chemotherapy treatment?

Not everyone is a candidate. Darya (an RN) will gladly consult you on this topic and help you develop a hair restoration plan.

VIDAhair 100% natural hair extensions are usually most suitable for thin, fragile, and very fine hair, as well as microcapsule keratin-bonded hair extensions.

Usually, one’s hair has to be at least 3 inches to be a candidate for hair extension application using VIDAhair technology; at least 5 inches for microcapsules.

Feel free to locate a BOOK button in the menu and schedule a 30-minute consultation with Darya.

Recommendations for hair and scalp care

There are several basic rules that will accelerate the process of hair regeneration and regrowth:

  • Protect the scalp from direct sunlight – ultraviolet light adversely affects the hair follicles, so the head is recommended to be covered by a scarf or hat made of natural fabrics that prevent the active release of sweat.
  • Use warm water to wash the hair and scalp. Hot water actively expands the pores, so the loss of existing hair will increase, and the regeneration of new follicles will slow down.
  • Limit the use of heat – hot air makes your skin dry, so your hair should be dried with a towel or cool air flow of the hair dryer first.
  • Diet: Protein is the fundamental basis for the formation of hair. Eating large amounts of protein-based food will speed up regeneration and strengthen hair.
  • The use of specially selected cosmetics will help to normalize the metabolic processes in the hair follicles.
  • Daily combing of hair with a soft massage brush, even without hair, stimulates additional blood flow to the scalp and accelerates the regeneration process.
  • You can also try hair #mesotherapy scalp treatment with a vitamin cocktail to help boost hair growth.

Are you interested in diving deeper into the world of hair transformations? Read our related article on Hair Curl Extension and discover the endless possibilities for your locks.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned extension enthusiast, our insights will guide you to your next hairstyle masterpiece.

Don’t miss out on expert advice and tips. Continue your journey to hair perfection with us!

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