Understanding Highlights Price List: A Guide to 2024 Salon Prices

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Wondering, “How much do highlights cost?” The price can vary widely, and understanding the key factors is vital. In this article, we will navigate the costs, providing insights without overwhelming you with details too soon and helping you make an informed decision for your next salon visit.

Key Takeaways

  • Hair highlight prices vary depending on the salon’s location, the stylist’s experience, your hair’s characteristics, and the technique’s complexity. They range from $100 to $500+
  • Various highlighting options, such as balayage, baby lights, and ombre / somber, cater to different style preferences and affect the price based on detail and application method.
  • Cost-effective highlight maintenance includes opting for partial or face-framing fragmental coloring, utilizing junior stylists, and choosing subtle options.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Hair Highlights

Factors Influencing the Cost of Hair Highlights - DH Estetika - how much do highlights cost in Boston, Massachusetts

Resist the urge to snap up the most wallet-friendly highlights deal without considering the package deal’s contents or determining its price. Doing so helps manage expectations, avoids unwelcome shocks, and guarantees you receive optimum value for your investment.

To unpack this. There are four crucial elements at play:

  1. The salon’s prestige and geographical placement
  2. The level of skill and proficiency of the hairdresser
  3. The texture and length of your hair
  4. Existing color on your hair
  5. The intricacy involved in executing the selected highlighting method used.

Salon Location and Reputation

Before embarking on our exploration, consider the hair salon itself’s location and its prestige. Have you observed that hair salons in bustling city hubs or posh neighborhoods often have higher prices than those tucked away in suburban areas or small towns? This phenomenon is rooted in the basic economics of demand and supply. These establishments serve a clientele ready to invest extra in their offerings, reflected in their pricing structures. One might anticipate spending from $150 to soaring over $300 for single-process hair coloring at these locales. In urban and upscale environments, costs could escalate above $400 for traditional foil highlights due to the premium attached to the salon’s ambiance.

A salon garners a reputation through its commitment to superior service quality and having stylists with refined expertise under its roof – factors crucially influencing the cost implications of short hair. Salons held in high esteem typically boast staff with extensive experience. They also ensure the usage of only first-rate hair products while keeping up-to-date with avant-garde techniques related directly to hair coloring trends. A fusion of such elements dictates how much you will likely pay to get those coveted hair highlights when patronizing these respected venues.

Stylist Experience and Expertise

When a trained professional colors your hair, the outcome will likely be more precise and true-to-tone than the DIY hair coloring technique. The stylist’s experience level, particularly with specialized techniques such as balayage, can significantly affect pricing. Balayage necessitates an experienced colorist who has developed an intuitive touch through years of practice.

A seasoned professional hair stylist understands how to tailor their approach to each client by considering variables like hair type and natural color alongside the look they are aiming for. This bespoke service and attention to detail often explain why a higher price tag is attached to services provided by highly skilled stylists.

Hair Length and Texture

Now, let’s consider your hair’s length and texture. Understandably, longer hair strands necessitate additional dye and time for application, which translates to higher salon costs. Hence, individuals with short locks can anticipate a highlight price range of approximately $100 to $300 for their coloring services. In contrast, those having long hair might look at expenses ranging from $200 to $400+

The natural texture and present state of your mane also play a role in determining the final cost of highlights. Take, for instance, someone with naturally dark hair—achieving lighter shades often requires preliminary lightening or bleaching treatments by a stylist before even beginning the highlighting process, which consequently increases overall expenses.

Highlight Technique and Complexity

The intricacy of the highlighting method employed has a notable impact on pricing. Labor-intensive and time-consuming techniques, such as balayage, carry higher costs due to several influencing factors.

  • The duration it takes to complete
  • The expertise required
  • Application methods used
  • A variety of color formulas are applied
  • The length and thickness of your hair

Despite its steeper upfront cost, balayage or air-touched hair might offer better value for money in the long term because its natural growth pattern can result in fewer trips back to the salon than you would need with alternative highlighting approaches.

Types of Hair Highlights and Their Costs

Types of Hair Highlights - Darya Heras at DH Estetika - Boston Hair Salon
Darya Heras at DH Estetika – Boston Hair Salon

Let’s explore the variety of hair highlights available in 2024 and the costs associated with each. Highlights involve applying a lightening agent to specific hair strands, creating depth and dimension in your hairstyle. The prices of these services can fluctuate greatly based on the highlight style you opt for.

Essential highlights are offered at well-known chains such as Supercuts starting at $45. Meanwhile, prices are $125 for more fashionable methods and traditional highlights like balayage, Pintura, ombré, and sombré. These options provide an extensive range depending on your desired look and budget.

Traditional Foil Highlights

The traditional foil technique, a widely favored method for highlighting hair, requires isolating hair strands within foils before applying a bleaching agent. The average cost of this procedure in the Boston area falls between $100 and $300

Airtouch – New Hair Coloring Trend

It’s important to consider that additional services such as toners or subsequent maintenance treatments may increase the overall financial outlay for obtaining foil highlights. Higher-end salons already include toning/ glazing in the price of highlights. Meanwhile, more basic salons will charge you a la carte.

Balayage Highlights

Utilizing the balayage technique, which originates from a French term meaning “to sweep” or “to paint”, aims to replicate the effect of natural hair color lightened by the sun. This method seamlessly merges lighter shades with natural hair to achieve an authentic-looking gradient. Obtaining balance highlights can cost between $200 and $300+ on average. Prices may fluctuate depending on various elements, including salon location, stylist expertise, and the particular approach taken within the balance practice.


Babylights are delicate highlights that resemble the subtle lightening of a child’s natural hair after exposure to sunlight. This method of short hair highlights entails adding fine highlights meticulously throughout small portions of the hair, achieving an understated and natural appearance.

In 2024, obtaining baby lights at a salon can cost between $200 and $400

Ombre and Sombre Highlights

Both ombre and somber are striking, highlighting techniques in which the already lighter hair color shifts from a darker shade at the roots to a lighter shade towards the tips. The starting price for both color treatments is approximately $150+, but this can increase based on the length of your hair and the particular method applied. How salons set their prices significantly affects what you’ll pay for these highlight services.

Partial vs. Full Highlights: Comparing Costs

Partial vs. Full Highlights - DH Estetika in Boston - Hair Salon MA

Certainly, opting for partial highlights can be a more budget-friendly choice. These highlights usually encompass half to two-thirds of the hair and are priced from $150 to $300 in the Boston area. On the other hand, full head highlights, which may cover your entire scalp, tend to be priced at $250+. Typically, you might find that getting full highlights is about an average of $100 pricier than partial ones. The question then arises: how much do hair highlights cost you overall? This varies depending on the salon one visits and the specific type of highlighting service selected.

Strategically alternating between having partial and full highlights done at different appointments allows for stretching out those more costly complete treatments over time, making it an economical approach to managing your hair’s appearance.

Saving Money on Hair Highlights: Tips and Tricks

If you aim to reduce hair highlight expenses, consider these strategies! Choose partial T-section highlights instead of full head highlights for a more budget-friendly option that enhances your style. Balayage hair coloring is another technique to contemplate. Its gradual fading means fewer trips to the salon.

Securing an appointment with a junior stylist can also trim costs. Their fees are typically lower, and they work under the mentorship of seasoned stylists, ensuring quality services at reduced rates. Preserving the vibrancy and longevity of your hair treatments through home maintenance is key to saving funds on future salon visits. Keep in mind these practices:

  • Employ shampoo designed for color-treated hair.
  • Treat your locks with deep-conditioning products.
  • Limit the use of heat-styling tools
  • Protect strands from UV damage using hair sunscreen
  • Clarify hair regularly

Adhering to this advice will help maintain traditional and long-hair highlights while keeping those extra dollars in your pocket when it comes time for repeat salon sessions.

The Importance of Professional Hair Coloring

Professional Hair Coloring - how much do highlights cost

Opting for professional hair coloring over home dye kits can be a wise investment to save money. The expense incurred at the salon reflects the personalized attention to match your specific hair color preferences and compensates for the meticulous effort required to attain those precise hues.

High-quality professional hair color solutions deliver several benefits when it comes to hair coloring services, including:

  • A more delicate approach that contains minimal ammonia levels is ideal for preserving dark and natural hair colors.
  • Ensuring the health of your natural hair remains intact throughout the dyeing process
  • Professional color is gentler and can be changed to a different look easier in comparison with box dye. It is very harsh and sticks to the hair shaft very strongly.

Preparing for Your Highlight Appointment

Are you considering enhancing the depth of your hair with highlights? To ensure you are well-prepared for your upcoming session, follow these tips. It is highly recommended that you schedule a consultation to discuss the hair color outcome you’re aiming for, different application methods that might be used, and the likely cost.

It’s advisable to wash your hair 1-2 days before your appointment. The natural oils in your hair act as a safeguard throughout the coloring process. However, coming to the salon with 5-day-old hair is not a good idea since now hair has lots of dirt and pollutants. You don’t want all this propelled into your hair along with the dye 🙂

Hair Highlight Maintenance and Touch-Ups

Proper care is crucial to maintaining hair highlights, extending their life and minimizing salon trips. Touch-ups every eight to nine weeks are usually advised, but this varies according to how quickly your hair grows and the contrast between the hair dye’s natural color and the highlights.

Shampoos designed for color-treated hair can maintain highlight vibrancy, decreasing the need for regular salon maintenance. Adherence to a dedicated home care regimen significantly contributes to keeping hair highlights in top-notch condition, helping you avoid frequent expensive salon visits for touch-ups.


To sum up, the price of hair highlights can fluctuate widely based on several contributing factors. By gaining insight into these determinants, such as selecting a suitable salon and stylist, picking an optimal highlighting technique for your needs, or preserving your highlights with diligent maintenance, you can make choices that affect both the expense and outcome. Therefore, when contemplating adding dimension to your tresses with hair highlights, consider all these elements to align with your financial means, cater to your specific hair type, and achieve your desired aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I expect to pay for highlights?

In the Boston area, anticipate spending approximately $150+ for partial highlights or between $200 and $400 for full highlights. These prices indicate the stylist’s skill level and the caliber of products they utilize.
Don’t hesitate to indulge in a beautiful new transformation!

How much is it typical for blonde highlights?

Incorporating blonde highlights into your hair typically costs an average of $200. It’s important to consider that it might require several sessions to achieve the desired effect if you aim for a thoroughly blonde appearance and have darker hair.

Is it cheaper to do all-over color or highlights?

Opting for single-process color is often more cost-effective and time-effective, especially when touch-ups are required at four to eight weeks. In contrast, highlights and lowlights tend to have greater longevity, potentially lasting between two and three months.
It’s advisable to consider the expense involved and the frequency of upkeep before deciding.

How long do highlights last?

Highs typically retain their depth and volume for up to three months before they need to be reapplied color.

Are partial highlights cheaper than full highlights?

Indeed, partial highlights typically cost less than full highlights as they involve lightening less than half of your hair. This approach allows you to attain a highlighted hairstyle while saving some funds and also preserving a dimensional look by leaving out a significant portion of hair.

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